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Lighting: Kitchen Islands

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to brightening up a kitchen space is Island Lighting.  Although finding the perfect pendants could turn out to be a task in and of its self, following a few simple design rules might help your search.

First let’s tackle the rule of three. Aesthetically our eye tends to be drawn to odd numbers, and makes an area feel more balanced, so if you’re stumped, trying to find 3 pendent lights (depending on the size of your kitchen island) will result in a flawless design.  However, there are always exceptions to every rule, and if you fall in love with a larger sized pendant light, feel free to go with an even number at 2 lights.


Kitchen’s are always going to be one of the brightest rooms in your house, so when it comes to the color of your lighting make sure to go with a bright white 3500-4100K bulb. Need a refresher on the different kinds of light colors? Check out our Lighting post HERE!!


Placement for your pendant lights are a make it or break it kind of ordeal. You want to make sure to not only measure your island, but also know the sizes of your pendants! From there you can do some quick math to figure out the perfect spacing for your radiant beauties!

While each island and kitchen space is different, here are a few key tips for flawless placement!

1.     If going with an odd number of pendants, make sure they are centered! You will want one in the exact middle of the island and then work your way outward with placement.

2.     If you have an even number of pendants, your two middle pendants should be about 12-15 inches from center which will make the pendants 24-30 inches apart.

3.     Lights should hang 30-32 inches from the countertop. This will not only give off the best light; but won’t be right in your face as you eat!

4.     Make sure you have your end pendants be at least 6 inches from the sides of your island.

Now that you know the tips and tricks, here are some of our favorites!

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